[RELEASE] Military-based Rank & Regiment Overheads

I have had a lot of people coming up to me asking to make them some overheads for their military group, for this reason I am going to publicly release an early stage of some new overheads I am working on here. They come equipped with the ability that if someone is in one regiment it will display their rank and regiment abbreviation however if someone is in multiple regiments it will place it in a string, below will be some examples.

How to install
It is extremely easy to install into your game.

  1. Place the settings module (containing one regular script and another module script called ‘Overheads’) into Server Script Service
  2. Put the CheckStatus RE within the REPSTORAGE folder into Replicated Storage
  3. Change settings to match your group(s)

One regiment

Multiple Regiments

If you have any suggestions on things that I could improve or add for next versions please leave a comment on this post.

Download below!


I was looking for something like this! thanks, i’ll check it out later.

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Thank you - if you need any help setting it up please do ask!

i was messing around, after putting my group ids and stuff, the abbreviated rank doesn’t seem to show up. it puts “[CIV]” instead, im doing something wrong?

Send me your settings script please.

before that, i didn’t abbreviate them, is there a character limit on it?

There is no character limit :+1:

Alright, there it is.

local Settings = {}

Settings.MainID = 7843765 -- Main Group ID

Settings.Ranks = {
	{ID = 10, Full = 'Alumno', Short = 'Alumno'};
	{ID = 11, Full = 'Expulsado', Short = 'Expulsado'};
	{ID = 12, Full = 'Carabinero', Short = 'Carabinero'};
	{ID = 13, Full = 'Cabo segundo', Short = 'Cabo °2'};
	{ID = 14, Full = 'Cabo primero', Short = 'Cabo °1'};
	{ID = 15, Full = 'Sargento Segundo', Short = 'Sargento °2'};
	{ID = 16, Full = 'Sargento Primero', Short = 'Sargento °1'};
	{ID = 17, Full = 'Suboficial.', Short = 'Suboficial'};
	{ID = 18, Full = 'Suboficial Mayor.', Short = 'Suboficial Mayor'};
	{ID = 19, Full = 'Aspirante a Oficial', Short = 'Suboficial Mayor'};
	{ID = 20, Full = 'SubTeniente', Short = 'Subteniente'};
	{ID = 21, Full = 'Teniente', Short = 'Teniente'};
	{ID = 22, Full = 'Capitán', Short = 'Capitan'};
	{ID = 23, Full = 'Mayor', Short = 'Mayor'};
	{ID = 24, Full = 'Teniente Coronel', Short = 'Teniente Coronel'};
	{ID = 25, Full = 'Coronel', Short = 'Coronel'};
	{ID = 30, Full = 'Aliado', Short = 'Aliado'};
	{ID = 40, Full = 'Personal Autorizado', Short = 'Personal Autorizado'};
	{ID = 50, Full = 'General de división', Short = 'General de Division'};
	{ID = 60, Full = 'General de Carabineros', Short = 'GDC'};
	{ID = 70, Full = 'General Inspector', Short = 'GIDC'};
	{ID = 90, Full = 'Developer', Short = 'Dev'};
	{ID = 100, Full = 'Head developer', Short = 'Head Dev'};
	{ID = 150, Full = 'General director', Short = 'General Director'};	
	{ID = 200, Full = 'Creador', Short = 'Fundador'};


-- When filling out the ranks,https://assetgame.roblox.com/asset/?id=6585531310&assetName=Overheads%20%5BV1%5D#assetTypeId=10&isPackage=false please ensure that it is in the correct format, the ID will be the rank ID, the full section will be the full rank and the Short section will be the abbreviated version. E.g. Chief of Defense Staff will be shortened to CDS.

Settings.Regiments = {
	{ID = 7843765 , Full = 'Academia De Carabineros (ADC)', Short = '[A.D.C]'};
	{ID = 8351631 , Full = 'G.O.P.E', Short = '[G.O.P.E]'};
	{ID = 8351699 , Full = 'C.O.P (ADC)', Short = '[C.O.P]'};
	{ID = 8348475 , Full = 'Escuela De fronteras', Short = '[E.D.F]'};
	{ID = 8317695 , Full = 'Guardias del Palacio', Short = '[G.D.P]'};

return Settings

-- If you need any help, please contact FatherConflict on the DevForum.

Remove the square brackets from the short regiments - also, have you moved the Remote Event (CheckStatus) into replicated storage?

Tha’ts not the error im getting. Also it shows up everything exepct from the abbreviated ranks, the regiments works.

Are you sure those are the correct group role IDs also?

yup i double checked. (30char)s)

So this number?

i excluded 255, since we have a holder in our group.

Add 255 and see if they work - if they don’t, would you mind giving me dev perms to the place where you’re putting the scripts?


1: Don’t use module scripts when you really don’t need to! You created an Overheads module and just required it, when you could have just created a script :joy:

2: Would recommend changing

Rank.Parent = Char.Head
-- change that to
Rank.Parent = Char:WaitForChild("Head")

Reason being the script will error if the head doesn’t load quickly enough.

  1. Random remote event that is never used from the looks of it. Calling it will only cache and kinda not good.

4: Use ipairs rather than pairs since it will go in order. pairs does not go in order and can jump around (and you are not utilizing a dictionary for storing ranks)
Might be the reason why @Srap_y is having a problem.

Anyways good work, nice resource

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Hello there, the reason I am using a module in this way is because I am going to further adapt onto this and add other uses for the settings script, e.g. a leaderboard, admin commands, etc. However - I will try and minimize it.

After publishings i have a few errors?? i think.

It seems that if you are on more than 1 regiments, the rank name doesn’t seem to show up.
as shown in this image.

But if someone has 0 to 1 regimens, tha rank name shows up correctly.

is this made on purpose? because i would want to see their rank. since some ranks aren’t allowed to go to certain area or stuff. anyways great work!

Hello there, the regiments do show up as shown in the images - as stated earlier, in your code you have added brackets within the settings module meaning that there is an extra pair of brackets. Also - can you message me on discord so I can help you with your ranks… Mr Conflict#5428

Hey there I was wondering if you can give us some military base/map that is a decent one because it might be our military base and good job with the work!