Release Notes for 356

Notes for Release 356


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property float ImageButton.SliceScale
Added Property float ImageLabel.SliceScale
Added Property bool Studio.Disable Accurate Play Solo

Added Function Array ScriptContext:GetCoverageStats() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void ScriptContext:ResetCoverageCollection() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void ScriptContext:SetCoverageFilter(DataType<Function> callback) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void ScriptContext:StartCoverageCollection() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void ScriptContext:StopCoverageCollection() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void GuiService:ClearError() {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.DiffFilePathBackground
Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.DiffFilePathBorder

Removed EnumItem InputType.Action1
Removed EnumItem InputType.Action2
Removed EnumItem InputType.Action3
Removed EnumItem InputType.Action4
Removed EnumItem InputType.Action5
Removed EnumItem InputType.LeftTread
Removed EnumItem InputType.RightTread
Removed EnumItem InputType.Steer
Removed EnumItem InputType.Throttle
Removed EnumItem InputType.UpDown

Removed EnumItem SurfaceType.Unjoinable

Updated warning messages for Constraints not functioning without PGS mentioning the old Workspace property instead of the new one

Thank you very much indeed.


Updated internal JSON parser library. Finally RFC 7159 conforming. About time!

What was actually changed? What wasn’t RFC 7159 compliant about the old JSON parser?

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