Release or continue adding to my internet game?

Over maybe the past month or so, I’ve been creating this internet game. Your currently able to create and search websites. Though that’s all you are able to do really. I’m not sure if I should just release the game now (after fixing bugs), or continue adding things that I originally planned for updates.

I’d like to know peoples opinions on the matter, should I continue work, or release what I’ve already created?

i dont understand what you mean could explain it better but i assume you made a roblox game which you can use to access the internet

It’s basically like I created my own google if that makes sense. Your not able to actually use the real internet, that’s what it’s just going to be called.

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oh nice game id say polish the game a little remove bugs add any simple feature that you can add then release then go on to bigger features to be added in the next update (if you published can i know the game link cuz i really wanna try it out)

No idea when I’ll be done, but heres the link. The Internet | 1.1 - Roblox

nice game sadly i cant join :frowning: i favourited it

Yeah, it’s private right now because it’s not done. I’m done adding features for the base game, so now its bug fixing and adding little things. Shouldn’t be too long till I’m done though.

oh cool i actually had similar idea a few weeks ago but i was lazy to do but i really like it

Can we at least see a demo of it?

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Sorry, Didn’t see your reply. I sometimes post random snippets of me testing something on my youtube channel. So that shows quite a bit of the game. brenman60 - YouTube

@XxAkaDuyxX @Creeperman16487 Yesterday I released the game. There is still lots to add that I will be working on, but this is what it is currently.