Relics (Alpha) | Content Extravaganza Update | Update Log

Relics welcomes the “Content Extravaganza” update to you! :partying_face:

What’s New? :arrow_heading_down:

  • New Region (Sparlight Forest) - An enchanted forest with powerful creatures. :evergreen_tree:
  • 2 New Creatures (Emerald Thane and Smite Guardian)
  • 2 New Transformations (Regen and Warp)
  • New Item (Staff of Arcs III)

  • Temple Multiplayer (Battle in temples with other players!) :people_holding_hands:
  • New Temple (Malidal Temple) :synagogue:
  • Skill Points (Points that can be used to upgrade your (Control Skill) and (Regeneration Skill). - (Obtainable through killing temple bosses.) :white_circle:
  • Added Perceptive Teller NPC (Upgrades your skills!) - Found in Sparlight Forest.

  • Creature Levels (Base Attributes) - Only used for Dungeon Creatures at the moment.
  • New System Chat Messages! :speech_balloon:
  • Creature Damage Display code merged with new damage manager. (This change isn’t noticeable.)
  • VIP Server Commands! (VIP Owners can use these commands in their private servers.) (In description.)

Other News:

  • Leech Enchant is now buffed! :muscle:
  • Fixed Morph Regeneration and World Creature AI. :hammer_and_wrench:


  • Sparlight Forest is a new region that can be found near (Stony Fields). :mushroom:

  • Skill Points can be used to upgrade your Control Skill and Regen Spell Skill. (Regeneration Skill has 2 levels and Control Skill has 5 levels.)

  • The Malidal Temple is the first (Hard Difficulty) temple. (You can get Staff of Arcs III in this temple.)

  • VIP Server Owners can use new commands. These commands are ("!time- [Time]", “!kick- [Player]”, “!setCreatureSpawnTime- [Time]”, “!morph- [Creature]”).

  • “!time- [Time]” - (Includes “Day”, “Night”, “Sunrise”, “Sunset”)

  • “!kick- [Player]” - Name of player’s username.

  • “!setCreatureSpawnTime- [Number]” - Numbers can range from 0.3 - inf.

  • “!morph- [Creature]” - (Ex: “Default”, “Brute”, “Witch”, “Sly Charger”, “Stone Golem”, “Rampant Charger”, “Red Mushroom”, “Azure Mushroom”, “Blessful Mushroom”, “Regen Mushroom”, “Aero Mushroom”, “Arcane Mushroom”, “Chaotic Mushroom”, “Bombastic Mushroom”, “Amber Mage”, “Amber Brute”, “Flameful Warrior”, “Seer Witch”, “Banewise”, “Aerowise”, “Grand Aerowise”, “Icewise”, “Grievencer”, “Emerald Thane”, and “Smite Guardian”.)

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