Remade Logo Feedback

Hi devs, as a few of you may know, I have made a logo for my game. Thanks to your feedback I have remade it.(I am also going to post more renditions!) Here they are:
Concept 1:

Concept 2:

BTW, I am trying to make a cartoony feel, and are my first two pieces on Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for any feedback!

P.S, I made all of the parts myself.


Looks 100x better. But it sort of looks like a jumble of free clipart.
For example, the magic wand has thinner than usual outlines. An outlier.
Not only that, most of the images look like free clipart.
The highlights on the lighting strike are different from the highlights on the words. Same with the word. It’s honestly a jumble of different styles.
Honestly, just fix the line thickness, and add a background that isn’t white. Make it hills, sky, etc.
Try taking a screenshot of your game and putting it as the background.


Although I didn’t see your original post for the first logo, I do see a significant difference. As you said, you went more for a cartoony feel, and the font that you chose for the second concept conveyed more of what you were going for. I do like that you’ve added more clipart pieces to your logo.

I do agree with @Macawmangrovve12 about your line thickness for the wand - try making it thicker so that it matches the rest of the drawings, and doesn’t seem like an outlier.

I do understand that you want a cartoon logo, but a plain white background isn’t going to cut it. You don’t have to make your background complex, but try adding a simplistic colored design as the background. For instance, you could do a combination of 2-3 colors and make a pattern such as stripes, pixels, etc.

Overall, your logo does look much better. Just fix the background and the line thickness, and you’re good to go!