Remaking all of the In-Game player-count-reliant scripts for Alone!

Hello! I’m MaximussDev, here to give you guys some new insight into what we’re doing for Flood Gate Studios right now!

What are we doing currently?
Well, if you’re reading this when it was posted, we’re working on a remake of all of the scripts that revolve around player count!

The way we’ve done it earlier was that we defined the amount of players that we needed in order to do this action, which currently was 2, only for testing purposes. This is very inconvenient, having to go into every script and change that, so we decided to add a value, which we can change at our disposal, that we can check, instead of having to define it in every script.

Will this affect our gameplay of Alone?
Nope! This is located in a completely different part of the game from where we store gameplay stuff, meaning all this does is optimize the game more, reducing lag!

When will this feature come live?
We’re doing this now so that these features can release when the game releases!

When you talk about this not having any affect on us, how?
Well, I guess it does affect your gameplay a bit, because it makes it a better experience for you! Imagine if you were doing a math test in school, and every time you needed the answer to 506+506. If you wanted to reduce the overall time it takes to finish that question, you could just learn that question, instead of having to look in a textbook every time it was referenced in a question. That would help a lot!

Now, some FAQs!

When will Alone release?
We have no idea. Expect late 2019 - early 2020.

Will I be able to run Alone on my computer?
Yup, you should be able to! We’ve spent hours overlooking our code, and trying to optimize it for everyone.

Is Alone a copy of Alone: Battle Royale?
No, however we are aware of the game, and we have messaged the developers of Alone: Battle Royale, making sure they’re OK with this game being called Alone.

Thanks for reading guys! Have fun on Roblox!

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