Reminder: Holiday Schedule for DevEx Team


Hey Developers,

As the holidays approach, our DevEx staff will be working holiday hours with limited DevEx requests being processed. Thus, similar to last year, process times for December DevEx requests will resume as normal in January, following the winter holidays.

Have a great holiday,

The Developer Relations Team


Literally minutes after I submitted mine hahaha

I hope y’all have a great holiday!


Submitted mine less than 3 hours ago RIP.
I was hoping to buy last minute Christmas presents with it too. >.>


Saw this coming and already submitted and received my devex ASAP at the start of the month :yum:

Happy holidays


Last year I never expected this to affect me.

PS: Happy holidays to the entire team, enjoy the break!


Happy holidays guys! :slight_smile:


You mean the deadline has just passed, or it will soon pass? Would be nice to receive an official heads up so people can send their last requests.


Pretty sure it’s already passed at this point.


Dang. Wouldve been nice to have a warning