Remote event interesting question

Hello, everyone.

About remote events:
What is the remote event refresh? Every frame/renderstep?

I was also thinking:
If two players fire a remote event locally at the same time, and the server script is triggered from the remote event, will they concurrently affect the server script of affect the server script in order of who triggered it first?

Also can anyone let me know the render step speed?

There’s 3 questions! Please help.

Refresh? I don’t exactly know what you mean by that.

Realistically the odds of 2 remote events reaching the server at the exact time is far too low to worry about.
But if they did reach the server at the exact same time it would pretty much be random which one goes first.

RenderStepped fires every frame
If the client is running at 60 fps the timing for it would be 1/60 or .016 seconds
But RenderStepped is fired before each frame so it can be variable since it depends on how fast the client is running
Also it can’t be used on the server

“refresh”? there is no such thing. they can be easily be spammed so they dont “refresh”