Remote event invocation queue exhausted for (player).Head.Running.CharacterSoundEvent? Bug?

Firstly, let me get this clear, I have no additional scripts and no parts in my game, aside the baseplate and character. All I have is an R15 StarterCharacter, which is just a replica copy-paste of my character in-game, with no alterations - and I keep getting this error message:

Here is the place to reproduce the error:
charactersoundevenexauhsted.rbxl (43.9 KB)
The error does take about a minute to occur.
This does not happen when I set the avatar default to R6.

I’ve read for quite some time up on the Dev Forum and other sources about this error, and it’s solutions, all which seem are either outdated and don’t work anymore. The only one I’ve found that worked is disabling RespectFilteringEnabled in SoundService, which I’d rather not do due to exploitation issues with that.

Is this an error on Roblox’s side of things? Is it being worked on? Or have I forgot to implement something?

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