Remote event is only firing in studio

local uis = game:GetService('UserInputService')
local plr = game:GetService('Players').LocalPlayer


	if input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 then
	print('server fired')
	local clicked = plr.clicked
	local clickcheck = plr.clickcheck
	local char = plr.Character or plr.CharacterAdded:Wait()
	local sound = char.speakerfolder.speaker.mainpart.Sound
	local cpc = 1
		sound.Playing = true
		clickcheck.Value = 5
		cpc = plr.coinsperclick.Value * plr.multiplyer.Value += cpc
		clicked.Value = true

Remote event is only firing in studio.

Only the local script is printing ‘fired’.
No errors

Do you have two remote events in that folder named “soundevent” ? Your server may be referencing a different remote event than the one your local script is.

I just replicated that code on a brand new studio project, and it worked. Check if you have the remote event in the right place and check the name of it.

Yea, that might be a problem if you have two remote events with the same name.
If you do have it, the local script might be calling a remote event, and the server is associated with the other remote event with the same name.

It doesnt work in game for anyone but me. Very strange

No duplicates of sound event in replicated storage so i’m still confused on why it wont work