RemoteEvent doesn't fire in anything but the main thread

I was wondering why my RemoteEvent wasn’t firing, but it seems like it just will not fire in anything but the main thread(IE: not a corutine) and I’m not sure what to do.

Update: It seems also that RemoteEvent will only fire once for every client? I’m very confused right now. Here is the place it us happening: Here is the place.

Second Update: I got an error when I switched to RemoteFunction that says “Script that implemented this callback has been destroyed”. It’s I created the callback in a module and put it in a loading script, required the module and put it into the global table. The same error should be added to the RemoteEvent.

if you have a loop (which is bad) nothing underneath the loop will execute until the loop finishes

Omg… Um, thanks for the thought, but no I don’t have a loop…

Any reason as to why you’re trying to execute it outside the main thread?

Could you make a simple example demonstrating this? I’ve never seen any problems like this with remote function / events regardless of the modulization / localscripts / scripts involved.

Yeah, I’m busy now but I’ll update this post in a bit.

Okay I can’t replicate it… I guess I was just doing something wrong, Sorry.