RemoteEvent, Drawing Code

Hello, I am creating a drawing game in which the player’s have to draw out something which is presented to them. The player’s have a certain amount of time to complete the drawring. I use a server script to keep track of the time and game-length, as well as using a local script to track the players mouse and creating a ray.

Point 1: In the for loop the winners table contains a list of players that have won the previous round.It
Only fire’s the Draw Event to those players in the table, but the timer is being updated for all the players even for those that are out.

Point 2: The local Script then sends back data to the server script, confirming if the player has successfully drawn the item, I then Place that player in a table of winners called winTable.

I am not sure the method I am using is efficient or good i thought i might ask here for clarity, If there’s a better way please do share.
Here’s the code:

This is a serverScript :

local winTable = {}
for i = gameLength,0,-1 do 
	if i ~=0 and #Winners >=1 then 
		for i,p in pairs(Winners) do 
			print("We in this", p.Name)
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