RemoteEvent manipulating

can players manipulate the remotevent from using

example : im sending server every second petupdated and server calculates speed etc and setting new value can a player manipulate it and make it dont fire so server cant get the new position for itself

i just want make it sure send to server make sure pet position updates every second any way

You should be aware that any client-side code can be potentially manipulated by a player looking to exploit your game. However, there are ways to mitigate the risk.

Secure Server-Side Validation:

  • Always validate any data received from the client on the server. Never trust client data blindly.
  • Perform crucial game logic calculations on the server rather than the client.

If all you’re doing is adjusting the pet position, you should be fine. If it becomes a problem, you can add checks in your code to mitigate them as needed.


nope i mean im just sending “petupdated” with no args the pet data already stored in serverscriptservice speed etc i can calculate but i just want make sure its send to server the “petupdated” yk the hackers can make it dont fire so serverscriptservice cant update the pet position

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If you’re really concerned about the event not firing and all the arguments are already on the server, why not just update it on the server in some sort of loop?

well it needed player like every player have diffirent pet data i need to get player

Exploiters can delete LocalScripts.

You could create a ServerScript and for-loop through each player and update the positions that way?

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oh yeah nvm i can just use getplayers on serverscriptservice and update that way thanks

btw im updating the pet cframe from client but server does not see it

can i update from server too but client dont see the new updated

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