RemoteEvent Not Working

So iam actually trying to make an event replicate to the server but somwhow one of the parameters return nil.


if result then
	local newBlock = block:Clone()
	local position = round(result.Position + result.Normal, 3)
	local blockParent = workspace
	local anchored = true
	showBlocks:FireServer(newBlock, position, blockParent, anchored)


local function onCreatePart(plr, blockName, pos, parent, anchored)
	print(blockName, pos, parent, anchored)


In the localscript it prints Part as normal but in the server script it prints nil, idk y it does tht.

Thanks for any help in advance!

The server can’t see your new instance because it is not replicated to the server due to Filtering Enabled. You need to make the server make the block, not the client.

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Thank you for the help! It worked :smiley:

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