RemoteEvent Resuming Coroutine Bug

Every so often when opening a place I am working on in a test server a certain error will start to appear. The game doesn’t behave any differently, but it fills the output with the same error message which could potentially hide useful errors or output in the future. On each client I have a RemoteEvent being fired whenever something special happens on the client, like the user changes an action’s binding and this error often happens while around the time the client is sending information. The error is

11:05:55.725 - cannot resume non-suspended coroutine
11:05:55.726 - Script 'Workspace.UpdatePackage.Package.RemoteAccess', Line 51
11:05:55.726 - Stack End

and the code is:

	while true do
		local player,functionToCall,arguments = packResults(event.OnServerEvent:wait())
		if functions[functionToCall] then

The script doesn’t break and no strange behavior occurs other than the error message being printed to the output continuously. Any reason why the error would be occurring while the script maintains the regular behavior? Are some requests possibly being skipped or interrupting each other?