Remotes not being received on the client if fired on join?

i’m firing a remote right when a client joins the game and only sometimes i join, the function shows that it’s been connected

Give me the script pls and I will try to solve this

Try Using a Print to check what is happening also try playing in the Game instead of Studio as It will not always work in the studio, due to the fact that the server starts once the player joins, and there is a pile of work before it.

here’s what is at the beginning of the client script:

	-- module functions are then connecting depending on the arguments

this is the server:

local function RegainVisibility(Player)
	local Summoned = {}
	game.ReplicatedStorage.RemoteEvent:FireClient(Player, "Update", Summoned)


should i try using a remote function instead since the client will always need this information on join

Try waiting for the Character to Join aswell.

you can do what @Zenokei said by utilizing CharacterAppearanceLoaded