Removal of Experimental Mode

SFOTHIV actually works surprisingly well!

Very few bugs that weren’t there before.


I know there will be several issues, and even some hatred created over this. Nevertheless, thank you for bringing forward this positive change.

I know that almost every developer here which has released a non-FE game was at some point frustrated with the exploit-ability of their own creations. I know this change may be difficult, particularly for less-experienced developers; however, this will not only place developers in full control of their game, but make every single player on the platform safer because of it.

Good work. This is what we needed.

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Does this affect Studio (starting a local server) too or only live game servers?

Very glad to see this.

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It affects Studio as well


The FE property is effectively deprecated.

It still returns whatever you’ve set it to, but actual filtering rules are always active.

We’re likely going to display a warning in-game to users saying that the game might be broken, if the FilteringEnabled value in the place is false. This improves user experience.


This means so much to us older players! Thanks so much!

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It’s kinda interesting that some old games still work to some extent. This is because they mostly use server scripts. We have some difference in UI behavior - in FE games generally speaking server scripts can’t handle button clicks, but we’re working on making this possible.

FWIW for beginner developers we’re recommending to start by writing all code exclusively using server scripts for the same reason, and only switch to local scripts gradually, plus we’ll be shipping easier APIs to do remote communication.


<3 <3 <3 This is awesome!


The biggest inconvenience that I have with remote communication is that we’ve got to use an actual instance to do it. Which means that we’ve got to find the instance’s parents, make sure it exists, etc, from multiple scripts. I hope that whatever you’re talking about means a way to do remote communication without creating instances.


Would have been nice if this was communicated better. However I’m not one to complain about a bump when in the end we got what we wanted.

It broke my heart to be locked out of my favorite classic (and favorite in general) games, and I can now sleep much more peacefully knowing that I can still walk through the hollowed remains and experience a part of the feeling of some of my most beloved memories and favorite all time experiences.


Finally! Thank you! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Would be nice for moderation to go through the games the put under review for being non-FE and re-open them now e.g.:


Words cannot express my gratitude. Ever since Experimental games underwent lockdown, I’ve been bombarded with help requests by hundreds of different Groups. I’m still going to release FE tech for them, but now there’s less urgency and panic in the community.

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Thanks for noting it. We will look more into those games and update the thread once we have more information.


For anyone still using Roblox’s classic build tools, I have released the filtering compatible versions that I made for Super Nostalgia Zone. They are designed to be safe against practical exploits!

The original HopperBins will no longer work online, since they are 100% clientside.


This is cool, too, I guess.

This is frustrating, for some of us still. I personally don’t have the coding experience or time due to having a job and such to dedicate any significant amount of time to amending my games to FE compatible code. The game I’ve been working on tirelessly for 5 years or so now is completely broken now and I don’t have the time to re code the whole entire game from scratch. Thanks.


How significant would you say the damage is?
Is it unable to comply with the server/client model, or is it just minor quirks?

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Pretty much every script, gui, and vehicle is broken. The only thing working is an intro camera script.