Remove async help?

Okay hey. I have tried to learn the function “RemoveAsync ()”. In the Datastore api Recently. But i’m stilla bit confused on how it works??

And yes i have read the wiki. But still don’t understand it… So i have some questions:

  1. Does the removeasync function remove all the data in the datastore??

  2. Does it remove the whole datastore… Or does it remove the recent value that was saved??

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if you want to do this from roblox studio there is a data store editor plugin . and it only removes the async that u specify

-- Set:
DataStore:SetAsync(UserId, Data)

-- Remove:

And no, it does not remove all the data from all the players, only the data stored on the specified key (userid) you wish to insert.


Can I make a small correction in your post?

It doesn’t remove the async, it removes the data associated with the key that you pass :slight_smile:


You are correct , but i think that’s what they meant to say