Remove lighting?

Hello, is there any way to reduce the brightness spots on the left and right sides of this building?

Well you can just try messing around with the lighting tool in the Explorer property, or disable GlobalShadows

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He said it perfectly, try to experiment with the lighting settings using the properties tab. I do see that more light is directed to the front, so maybe your spotlight is directed that way. What you need to do is make it direct the floor, that way it’s totally even.

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Definitely needed to be removed or else it doesn’t look good in my opinion.

Yes it is a property called exposure in lighting

Something I did sometimes to achieve nice looking images with low bright is lowering the Brightness to 0 and tweaking a little bit the ExposureCompensation to achieve a brighter lighting. The only problem of lowering Brightness to 0 is that shadows will disappear (unless they are manually casted by lights), so maybe not 0 but 1

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