Remove 'Read more' or adjust it


Read-more clicked:

I suggest that either ‘Read more’ is removed altogether or given a larger character count before showing up (if it shows up at 300 characters, make it show up at 800 instead) or let the group owner decide this under settings. There’s barely any text visible for such a crucial part of the group.

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Agreed, I think group members miss a lot of important information that may be posted in the description because of how short the “read more” cutoff is.

It might be that ROBLOX thought the description was only relevant for explaining the group to prospective new members, but many groups nowadays post important links and notices in the description that are meant for all current members to see. (Shouts obviously aren’t good for keeping long-term persistent information on display)

(Plus if they join the group without reading the description first, then they might never see what you’ve written there)

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