Remove The Guideline For Moderation Requests To Be Your Own

Most of us have experienced some, if not all of the following scenarios:

  • Report abuse seems to have done nothing
  • Customer Service decided not to handle a report that report abuse didn’t appear to handle
  • Customer Service did respond to the report, but took a few weeks to complete

I have experienced all 3. A geometry clone of the RBXDev offices took about 2 weeks to get taken down. However, my experience isn’t unique. For those who were around during Kunena, AbstractAlex had a massive amount of people harassing him. Some other cases, that got handled here included ads with clickbait, selling Roblox assets on eBay, and CS redirecting users to developers about refunds. As the moderators don’t avoid handling them, maybe we should remove the guideline about it being your assets?


“Remove The Guideline For Moderation Requests To Be Your Own”

This would not solve your use case. All three would still be not allowed because the category is for requesting review of moderated assets – not requesting moderation action.

I don’t believe privatizing effective moderation is a good solution either, especially if copy takedowns is a use case – we shouldn’t receive special treatment just because of the developer forums. If there’s a problem with the moderation team responding to reports in a timely manner, then the moderation team should be improved directly (better tools, more staff, better processes), starting with acknowledging there is a problem (Report Abuse is not as effective as it should be).


If a friend is ever in a serious issue that info@roblox won’t resolve and it is within roblox’s jurisdiction to fix the problem, I’d PM staff on these forums. I wouldn’t agree with posting them in mod review requests as it likely doesn’t make sense for the rest of the people here to see that.

My case was an issue where a dev studio with a lot of influence was targeting smaller devs via threats, harassment and exploiting game servers (before FE). If we saw this behavior today from any dev/studio I’d expect the rest of the devs to rise up (as we saw happen today with the YouTuber scam) and for roblox to take the same actions against the developers as they did in my scenario.

Edit : thank you for linking that thread, it really highlights how supportive and tight knit these forums are

I am not even going to lie, I spent a good hour or so reading the entire thread.

Sorry that this is a bit off topic :confused:

OT: I haven’t had any issues with e-mailing ROBLOX except for the fact that they took days to respond. (Prior to me being in the devforums)

Trying to see this from Roblox’s standpoint, I think the guideline won’t be removed.

The developer forum is for developers who have been accepted here. As that is the case, Roblox will want to prioritize developer assets over general user assets in terms of moderation.

If your friend has an issue with a wrongly moderated asset, it is strongly advised to contact as that is what it is meant for.

If we allowed developers to post on a friends behalf, it would cause issues for developers who may need their asset to be prioritized.

Sorry for maybe the unpopular opinion but in terms of Roblox’s interests, this is most likely the case.

Anyways, since it’s always good to propose solutions to improve the issues users have with the guideline, I’d have to agree with @EchoReaper regarding hiring more staff who are trained and equipt with the tools required to efficiently respond to issues that developers have regarding their assets. Maybe allow developer relations to have this role?

I do think this is a good idea. I have experienced the same thing as @TheNexusAvenger has.

But I do think @ForPizzaSake is right; I don’t think it’ll be removed.