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Bumped, hopefully someone can answer this.

are you testing this in studio or in game?

I’m testing this in the actual game. In studio, the ping is 0 ms.

I’m not entirely sure how :GetNetworkPing() works. Even for me, it’s extremely lower than what reads on the ServerStats tab in the console (20ms vs 75ms). Maybe it tests your direct connection only to the server itself?

A remote function might give you a better representation for how long the server takes to process information and send it back (Ping+Server Latency). By using a remote function, it will respond later depending on how much information the server is processing, giving you a higher and more realistic ping that moreso reflects the amount of lag you would feel during a game. However it can be inaccurate reflecting your actual connection since the response is dependent on the server’s current processing order/prioritization.

local remote = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("PingRemote") --RemoteFunction
local refreshSpeed = 5

function fetchPing()
	local startTime = os.clock()
	local endTime = os.clock()
	return endTime - startTime

while task.wait(refreshSpeed) do
	MainUI.ServerStats.Ping.Text = tostring(math.round(fetchPing() * 1000)).." ms"

game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("PingFunction").OnServerInvoke = function() return end

lower the multiplaction?
lol limit,.

Thanks! I’ll try this out later.

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It worked! Thanks so much! It seems more reasonable now.

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