Removing annoying joint bordering in studio

I’m not sure if this has already been asked, and I’m not sure if this is already possible.

The annoying tubing/outline/bordering you get when dragging, moving, or resizing a part against another in roblox makes dealing in very small parts doing fine details infuriating. Is there a way to remove this or a plan to implement a removal option/destroy this thing?



hi owen and ss

do you use the ribbon bar/have the joint option checked? or is that bug back where it displays no matter what?

I do not use ribbon bar, but I do have joints unchecked.

It’s an issue with the classic toolbar. These borders appear regardless of settings. I use this ‘feature’ to check if two parts are in contact with each other.

It wouldn’t be that bad if the weird borders weren’t solid and had like .5 transparency… :uhhh:

I also have this glitch as well, it seems to show the joint bordering even if it’s disabled.

It’s been a small bug since a few studio updates ago, I think.