Render I made for my upcoming game

Hello! I’m working on a game called Obby Anarchists, which is competitive obstacle courses, I made this GFX, and would like to know what other people thought of it.

I would upload the full quality image (9600x5400) but the DevForum limits that unfortunately, and I don’t think I can upload it to another site, as there are no authorized ones by the DevForum to my knowledge. Let me know if there is, and I’ll upload it there.

This is one of the maps from the game, so take that as a sneak peek haha.

Also, apologies for the watermark, I doubt it would be stolen, but you never know.



Lighting could be a little bit better, but overall, it looks good. The only suggestions I have is add some text so people know what they’re looking at and make it a bit more vibrant.

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I like the simple approach with the basic lighting/shading, it isn’t overwhelming and it’s easy (and pleasant) to look at. All I’d add is a title or something along those lines if you aren’t already planning to.

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I like it, if you are going to use this as a thumbnail though I think it needs more movement, like the bacon hair should be jumping instead of just standing there. This would make it look more fun and exciting


Yeah, I was planning on adding a title and stuff, could also add a brightness filter or something.

Yeah, the map is lowpoly, it’s one included in the game. Was also planning on making a logo, just wanted feedback on the render itself first.

Thanks! I’ll probably add some motion blur or something. The bacon hair was supposed to look like he didn’t know what he was doing, contributing to the bacon hairs are noobs stereotype.

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Greetings, your render for your upcoming game looks good and really nature-like.
Though might it be best if you could make the color of the grass for your render to be more like light green to give it a lively appearance because based on the image, it’s a little bit dark in my opinion.
Overall, I appreciate your work and the effort you put it, and I hope you really use this for an upcoming game.



The game isn’t based on nature itself, there are other maps that are things based on things like studs, a motel, and just random things like that, however a few are based around nature and do use materials. I plan on making more renders containing the maps, but I’m not sure if they will come before or after the game‘a release. Probably would dedicate a few hours to making the renders, and then make another post asking for feedback on all of them.

This map is pretty vibrant and doesn’t use any materials.

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I think it’s missing lighting and character expression. Great map though!


If still possible, try changing the camera perspective maybe so that it would face towards the sky just a bit more.
Also, is that a T-pose over there? :upside_down_face:


This seems really good! I do think you can add even more challenging obstacles. You can get some inspiration from some other difficult obbies.


Nah, was supposed to be someone balancing on a tightrope as sometimes people put their arms out like that when balancing on things.

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Looks great, I would make one of them look as if they’re falling, also I would experiment with the camera position, the camera position is in a pretty basic position make it so atleast everyone gets captured inside of it but make it so they’re doing something.

For lighting wise I would use a variety of different coloured lightings to atleast make the picture pop bring more vibrance into it.

That’s pretty much all I have to say, it’s up to you now :D.


Thanks! I’m actually working on taking the feedback on right now and remaking it. Any colour suggestions for the lighting? Also, lamps or sun?

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Lighting wise I would suggest using, an orange / yellow colour along with greens, I say green because the sunlight would hit the grass and reflect it onto the humanoid, use very brightish colours for your project so that it’s still viewable but do not go overboard with the amount of lighting that you use. If I were to use a basic example to show how basic lighting would be used for gfx it would be this…

Owned by Cxnsei

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Though this is not perfect it still shows the use of sunlight within the gfx which makes the image pop along with the shadows which are used to fully bring out the image of course with this image I did not use many different colours, as I was going with a basic design and nothing too serious.

As said it all matters on you with what you want to do, try and experiment with it :slight_smile: .


Sorry, not the greatest with lighting.

The thing is that when I add greens and yellows, it’s strange. I have a green and yellow sun in this photo:

Edit: Kind of liking this, what do you think? It’s pretty low quality as it’s a screenshot of the render, but yeah.


Looks great, try making the bacon haired character do something, looking a little lost there lol but all in all it’s not bad, and if you need anything for lighting just use some youtube tutorials they’re really helpful for people who are beginners at using lighting, but all in all this looks good

Bacon hair looking lost was intentional haha.

Thanks for the feedback! I like it more than the original one.

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Lol, bacons will be bacons, no problem have fun creating :smiley:

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Bit off topic, does the quality of the render affect the quality online? Was gonna render it at 1000-5000% as I’m going out for a bit, but I’m not gonna put the time in if it doesn’t improve anything.

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Well not essentially considering the fact that Roblox will resize it smaller so you can barely see any of the blemishes and pixels if there are any, all in all you don’t have to render it high, but I would consider doing around 800+ just in case.

You can always go back and change it if there are any problems.

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