Render Options

It is a simple chat gui that shows your head and hats on a GUI using Clonetropper1019’s 3D object-to-gui attachment module (which after some tinkering) got it to work with my scripts.

Regardless, my issue is that the head goes behind walls and other objects because it is in the 3D workspace (currentcamera) and can clip through the head, making it kinda… “buggy” looking I guess.

Is there any way to do the following:
A: Make it render in front of all objects
B: Make it just in general not clip through walls and to maintain it’s 3D look.

If not, well, please add ;3

There’s no way to do either of those. Definitely needs to be one.

One thing you need to be doing for this effect is using the absolute minimum possible distance between the camera and the heads. If you do that then your heads won’t clip through the geometry except on very rare occasions where the camera is hugging a wall.