Rendering Lighting Help!

The lighting in my game looks… broken. It just seems too bland even at night time.
The game is called the world of tricrumenta and it is supposed to be a building game with realistic graphics. Here is the file and try taking a look at the lighting and please give me suggestions.

lighting_tricrumenta.rbxl (63.0 KB)

Same copy of my game but with no ui, map, or scripts.

I should have kept the day and night cycle script in server script service.

(I am asking for lighting help. This is not my real game but it has the same lighting)

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great with no ui in the game. day and night was awesome script service
kept it cycle in server

@Brandonlubin How my question was the lighting doesn’t look good and I need suggestions?

the script same to @Bird_7x

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This post is a little confusing, so I’m not sure I can provide a proper response.

If your going for more realistic lighting have you consider messing around with the “Brightness” or try removing the atmosphere, when I looked at the setting the atmosphere texture you added looks almost like a fog texture I’m pretty sure that’s what’s causing the problem when I removed it from the properties it kinda removed that fog effect what are you trying to achieve?

Since your going for a realistic approach you’ll need to mess with the settings a bit more.

If I’m understanding correctly though, what you’re trying to accomplish is realistic lighting the lighting tab isn’t creating a realistic approach because the brightness is low pumping that up could resolve your issue or maybe playing around with "ColorShift_top, but if that doesn’t work do you mind showing a video or image of your problem?