Rendering some models

I built a sci-fi hornet and I rendered it with blender !

the original from roblox studio:

I hope you liked, bye !!

The rendered one isn’t showing up

Yeah sorry I had some problems with the format. It’s working now !! :slight_smile:

Really awesome!

Looks really great. I really like the design. From a combat perspective though… eh.

Sargent Hill stepped ran into his waiting hornet, sirens blaring in the distance. Strapping in with a satisfying click, he smiled as the gentle rumbled of the Hornet wore away the sleep away from his eyes. Pulling back on the controls, he smooth glided over the wall in his one and a half million dollar investment by the government.

Beautiful, he sighed, even as the sirens whined on. He lived for this.


Sargent Hill slumped into his controls, blood running down his neck, pushing the hornet into a nose dive, which followed be a beautiful explosion of light and debris.

Behind a wall, a sniper smiled. Stupid bureaucracy, he thought. Who builds a supersonic state of the art death-delivering machine and forgets to put in the bulletproof glass.. With a small bit of pity, he took aim once again, let out a breath, and fired. Another one and a half million dollars fell into a steep dive and burst into a brilliant fireworks display.

I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a civilian craft, since I’m fairly certain that what it’s based off of is too.


I finally got this , after hundreds rendering:

Add an area light under neath it so it match the real one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Woohoo another Blender user.

Yeah I need to go ahead and learn how to do this ASAP.