Reorganize sections to encourage better topics and discussion

Good template to go by, it’s a favorite forum of mine.

“Development Discussion” is rather vague and there’s many posts there ranging from technical details, creative input, and scary business talk.

I’m sure an argument would go like “we don’t want too many sections,” but the having one very broad discussion board creates more open-ended threads that tend to get derailed very easily. Instead, having more specific sections encourages discussion about topics that no one has previously brought up, and prevents more niche topics from getting buried.

There’d also be a place for builders/artists to post creations, ask for input, and maybe even look for people to collaborate with. Those more oriented towards game design in general also have a section they can post to.

There seems to be a bias in this forum towards programmers and I’d love to see a change in that. There are game developers who have never written a line of code in their life, but do know how to design awesome games along with awesome art/sound.

It’s been getting stale lately and I’m tired of playing tech support or browsing through “look what I did with data store!” or “how do I stop exploiters?!” threads. :slight_smile: