Repair UP! A Mechanic game on Roblox. (Rough draft game concept)



Introduction: Repair up is a game about working on cars. Your goal is to repair and upgrade cars and earn credits. You may use those credits to upgrade your shop, race your cars, and buy tools parts for your cars.


Vehicles: Repair up will introduce dozens of cars the players can repair for money, or upgrade and race. There will be 5 classes of vehicles: Sedan, Coupe, Sports car, Pickup, SUV. Each car will have different stats and engines. Most sedans will come in front wheel drive which makes them cheaper to buy and easier to work on. The front wheel sedans will come in L4s, V6s, and on rare occasions, V8s. Sedans will also come in RWD configurations. These include L4s, L5, L6s, V6s, V8s, V10s, and the largest engine V12s. Sports and coupes will come in a very similar configuration. The Trucks and SUVs are mostly limited to L4s, L6s, V6s, and V8s. These vehicles will also have weight, aerodynamics, reliability, and horsepower.

Vehicles will have brands that include :

Bloxler, Royota, Bloxda, Roblox Motors, Baszucki, and Rodillac.

(Chrysler, Toyota, Honda/Mazda, General Motors, Ferrari/Lamborghini,and Cadillac.)

Some brands will be known for Luxury, performance, reliability, simplicity, and economy.

Engines: You may be wondering “What are V6s, L4s, V8s, Etc” Engines are the things that can make the car go.

Inline pattern (L) A lot of cars come with a lot of inline engines (L4,L5,L6) are engines that have the pistons set up in a straight line and only have one head. These engines are the most simple and easiest to work on. Most vehicles will come in the L4 which is the most common engine design. L4s are versatile and a lot of them have different specs such as boost capacity, displacement, and horsepower. L6 is another common engine design found in most Trucks and Sports cars. These engines are some of the most versatile and easily modify-able engines in the L class. Most of these engines have a higher displacement than the L4. These engines also have the same stats that apply to them such as boost capacity, displacement, and horsepower. The L5 is the rarest L series. These engines are mostly found in sedans. These engines are the hardest to upgrade and modify due to how rare they are.

V pattern (V) A lot of cars come with a lot of V engines as well (V6,V8,V10,V12) are engines that have the pistons set up in a V pattern. These engines are a little more complicated than the L series since they have 2 heads instead of one. Most vehicles will come in a V6 which is the most common V engine type. V6’s are also versatile and a lot of them have different specs such as boost capacity, displacement, and horsepower. V8’s are also a very common engine found in most trucks and sports cars. These engines are some of the most versatile and easily modify-able engines in the V class. These usually are the engines with the most horsepower and torque. V10’s and V12’s are a less common engine pattern being found only in high-end sports cars that are specifically built for speed. They can also be found in luxury sedans. These engines are very powerful but they do not have a whole lot of tuning capability.

These engines also come in Dual overhead cam (DOHC) which is the most common. Single overhead cam (SOHC) which is less common than DOHC. There are also pushrod engines that are for V8’s.

Transmissions: Most cars come with a transmission whether it’s automatic, manual, or CVT. Automatics and CVTs are the most common engines. CVTs do not shift gears as they do not have gears. Manuals are the least common. Manuals will come in 4,5,6 speeds. Manuals require some skill in order to use them perfectly.

Shops: There are shops in the game that the player works and modifies cars in. These shops can be upgraded and they can be expanded for more room to work on cars. Shops are expensive and upgrading them costs a lot of player credits. These shops are also used to store tools. The shops will have a grid-like pattern to place lifts, tool carts, compressors, and much more. Shops can have thousands of layouts.

Player Mechanics

Funny joke

Driving and racing: Repair up is a car game and most cars are meant to be driven. The stats of the car and the current environment affect how players can handle these cars. This game will include an oversteer mechanic. Cars that are front wheel drive will have more oversteer versus a car with all wheel drive or rear wheel drive configurations. Most cars will come in Automatic or CVT transmissions which makes them the easiest cars to drive. The gears will change on their own and require no player interaction. However there are cars that have manual transmissions. These cars require a small amount of skill to be drive-able. The gears cannot change by themselves and thus require player interaction to change these gears. There will also be official races that the players can enter. These races will show what the player’s car stats are along with the player’s stats. Some Official races have certain requirements. Some cars are required to have a certain part installed to make them race-able. EX: Cars with manual transmissions are only allowed in manual races.

Vehicle editing and modification: Repair up is a game that focuses on vehicle repair and modification. Vehicles in the game need to be repaired and parts will break over time. When working on vehicles some parts require other parts to be removed or adjusted. Ex. Alternator cannot be removed without removing a serpentine or accessory belt. Players cannot work on some cars without the special tools needed to repair certain parts. Cheap performance parts are available but a lot of them are unreliable and they come with no instructions on how to install.

This is a normal engine bay with no player interaction.

In this picture the player has selected the “Valve Cover” There would be a mini menu that’d pop up that has 3 options. Those 3 options are to close the minimenu, inspect the “Valve Cover”, and remove the “Valve Cover”.

-Inspect -Remove *

This is what it looks like when a player has removed the “Valve Cover” part has been removed. The last part a player has removed will be highlighted in yellow.

This is where a player is trying to remove a part that cannot be removed due to a part blocking the way.

The player has selected the “Exhaust Manifold”.

The exhaust manifold will flash neon red indicating that it cannot be removed.

When the part cannot be removed and the player does not know what parts to remove, they can turn on a “hint” mode and it will highlight the parts that are needed to be removed.

A player has selected the “Intake filter” and has the intention of modifying the air intake.

When aftermarket performance parts are installed on a car they increase the stats of the car. The last aftermarket part that has been installed by the player will be highlighted blue.

Player help: Since many players do not know how to work on cars, each vehicle brand provides a repair manual for every make and model. This is a cover page to a repair manual. These manuals are free for the player.

Sometimes repair manuals are not enough or they can be time consuming to look at. There is a “Hint” mode that can be toggled that will highlight parts that need to be removed or replaced for a job in a pink shade.

EX oil change:

Tools: Tools are a major thing needed to work on cars. Without tools how can cars be maintained and worked on? Tools can be very expensive and some cars require specialty tools to be able to be worked on. Some tools require other shop equipment to be effective. Ex: An air impact gun needs an air compressor to be able to take off bolts.

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is one of the biggest aspects of this game. Multiplayer allows for players to show off their cars to others, anong with being able to race other players with different cars. Players can also work together on a car as some jobs require 2 players to install a part of a car such as an engine.


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I’m going to be honest…

The idea as it stands right now isn’t very good. Not as an insult, but I almost fell asleep reading about the insides and outs of how these cars work. Some people enjoy that stuff… but almost all of the Roblox platform doesn’t enjoy learning about cars in such a detailed way.

Your game is too real. And I know, that sounds surprising… but it is true. There’s too many complex things to learn. The average player would probably quit playing. So, you need to dumb it down a bit.

  • Keep the number of components to a lower amount. The idea about how tools break down and you have to buy new tools is good, but you should have maybe 15 components in a car, not as many as would actually be in a car irl. Maybe divide up the many complex mechanics of a car into “sections” so players can comprehend them… Ex. instead of upgrading the valve cover and valve, they would be upgrading “section 3” of the car.
  • Make more social interactions. Make this more about racing as well. Mechanics can get old pretty fast if there is no purpose to them. Make the main theme be about social interactions and racing, because that is what will hook people in. They get to show off their mechanics to others… And sure, mechanics are ok for a few minutes at a time, but people should feel the main thing is that they are racing awesome cars against others, and DESIGNING new cars that look really cool.
  • And just a note: if you are going to do this, you need to be REALLY detailed about it. Nobody will like the game if it’s not detailed. Every component will have to be in tiptop shape, from modeling to scripting.

You have a great idea, but I just want to remind you that not everyone is as passionate, interested, or patient enough to learn about cars like this. So, you will probably need to dumb it down and keep the components of driving and showing off at the forefront of it all.


I agree this is a learning curve. This is a car game that’s meant to teach players basics of working on cars. This game is also meant to inspire people to work on their own cars. On paper this game sounds very complicated, but in reality the game is really simple and there would be a lot of resources for working on cars. This document is made to explain how cars would work to a non-car person. I am giving every detail I possibly can and this game is already simplified a lot. It’s just that there’s a lot of variety. There’d be repair manuals that look like Lego building instructions. The player also has the option to turn on hints to help them understand cars better.

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At the same time, no one wants to continue looking at manuals. They would prefer to know what to do off the bat (like a tycoon) and not have to refer to something every 5 second on how to play the game.

Otherwise, I love the concept! Good work! :slight_smile:

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I gotta agree with @ijvyce here.

Now, I know a couple friends and people in general who would play this game for hours. However, I am not that into cars. I think a game like this would be very cool, but you have to be sure that somebody could join and not have to research the ins and outs of an intake filter.

Also, I feel that just repairing cars isn’t enough to keep players engaged. Adding possibly racing, custom paint jobs, and maybe even giving players their own car to drive wouldn’t be a bad idea.

In all, good concept, but you’re going to need to change this idea a lot in order to attract Roblox players.

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I understand what you’re saying.

This game sounds complex, not only on paper. It is very complex. Maybe not to you because you know about this stuff, but from the standpoint where I am at now, I would rather play Adopt Me than this, and I really DO NOT like Adopt Me (no offense to its fans and the devs it’s a high quality game). This is not a game for younger players. And older players wouldn’t enjoy the complexity.

You seem very enthusiastic about cars, but a player doesn’t want to have to look through a manual. The repairing part is great, but nobody will want to play if they have to spend more than a minute or two learning new things… And they will most likely stop playing if they need to spend more than a few minutes per hour played using the repair feature.

Just don’t let your enthusiasm get in the way of reality… It’s great that you’re passionate but it’s not good if you let that passion blind you to the fact that players want to generally relax while gaming, not have to go through a whole ins-and-outs of learning mechanics. If they wanted to do that they would attend a class.

Customization, socializing, and racing are what should be at the forefront of your game. The mechanics are awesome, but you really should simplify them to a limited number of caretaking needed, and a limited amount of parts to customize/ replace.

You can go ahead and ignore this, but I believe you would be making a grave error. You’d be spending a lot of time to make a game that in the long run wouldn’t be as successful as it could have been.


Amazing game concept!

  1. It is almost completely different from other games.

  2. People will keep coming back so they can get the absolute best parts for racing. Don’t make the game too easy, or people will leave after a few visits.

  3. You could monetize the game by selling parts or in-game money for robux.


  • Make sure that there are a LOT of different kinds of engine repairs so player’s don’t get bored or think it’s a simulator.

  • You should have different tiers of tools. Example: You start with a wrench, then you get a ratchet/socket set, then you get an impact driver, etc.

  • Like @ijvyce said, don’t make the game too hard to learn, however, some players might really like realistic engines. I personally think the option between a simple-car mode for younger kids and a realistic-car mode for older kids/adults who want to learn how to work on cars is the best idea.

By the way, I would really like to try your game! I like car racing games and building games!


The average player might not like how complex it is but there are plenty of players who would absolutely love the complexity of this game.

The only problem with removing the complexity is it would be removing one of the main selling points of this game.

Lets say I make a hardcore survival game but then I figure out that the “average player” doesn’t like things that are super hard or annoying. So then I remove it.
I have then removed the whole point of the game taking that away from the people who would have loved that about it.

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Oh yeah did I forget to mention there will be tutorials for each job? This game is meant to be very easy for the player to understand. The engines are VERY simplified from what I could say since I don’t plan on actually having bolts for the engines. The players just pop off these covers and parts and they can place them back in the same order. I think it’d be cool to have a reset to stock button.

I think this is a neat idea. As with every game if you start going really deeply into the mechanics of it, even games like Lumber Tycoon 2, there are a lot of types of trees and lots of ways to increase your revenue for a given amount of wood. However, it’s not critical to the game and people play it regardless.

It’s about having something for everyone. Simple enough that non-technical people can enjoy it, whilst being rich enough for those interested in all the details to enjoy it too.

It’s a really nice idea and I think you’ll find a reasonably sized audience who are interested in playing. I certainly would spend a few hours casually playing it.

I think you absolutely nailed it on the head with your hint mode that just highlights the next steps. That is what takes it from being a very technical game that relies on language and manuals, to being completely international and easy for all ages.


I think this idea could work out really well, if it’s executed in the right way. Do you think I could get into contact with you, so I could possibly discuss some of the things I have in mind that would make this a great game?

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Sure thing! You can contact me Via Discord CRAZYDIAMONDDOO#3160

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I think that’s a great way to describe it. On the surface the game is meant to be fun and simple. But you can dig down deep with stats, aerodynamics and all that fun stuff. I think it’s the way I made the game design document that it sounds like a very complex game but it’s not really.

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To make the game appealing to more players, you should add multiple difficulty levels, each with increasing numbers of engine parts and increased racing performance.


Easy - 10 different engine parts, stock racing parts
Medium - 25 different engine parts, slightly better racing parts
Hard - 40 different engine parts, good racing parts
Realistic-car - 100 different engine parts, very fast racing parts

Just an idea, let me know what you think.


Most cars with V engines will have many more parts to them. So in a way that’s added complexity.

This is a great balance between simple enough so everyone can play and complex enough so players that are more interested in cars can still enjoy it. As some people have already said though, it is a little on the side of too complex. My suggestion would be to keep the idea as a whole but reduce the parts that you can repair/remove/upgrade so that it is in the range of about 10-15 and add a harder mode (maybe with a player level requirement to access it so lower level players have something to work for?) with 25-30 parts.

I’ve been in discussion with Crazy, and we’ve chosen to slowly introduce new and selectable levels of complexity when it comes to the core concept of interacting with the components. You start with the easy stuff, and slowly unlock new levels of complexity as you progress in the game, however if there is a specific level you want to work with, you can choose that level.

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It’s a cool idea but only fits into a small, select audience of players.

Instead of having lots of fiddly bits, I suggest you simplify the construction element so a 7-year-old could do it (if you have a younger sibling, ~10 years old, ask them to play the game by themselves, without any hints or prior advice).