Replicate Roblox Camera Character Transparency

Anyone can tell me how roblox camera works when you zoom in to your character?

I mean, if you go closer, your character should fade away. I’m using Camera as a parent for stuff on players body, ( because i’m too afraid that if the player character got deleted, that the object got deleted too ) stuff in camera doesn’t fade out when you go closer, anyone has some script for replicating the camera transparency? Or instead give me the max length before you fade out?

I don’t exactly get the question, but I assume what you’re looking for is this?

no, just spawn and zoom your camera. Your character will turn more invisible the more you are closer. The invisible script that makes me wonder

Copy CameraScript into somewhere and CTRL + Shift + F to search all scripts; if you search the property LocalTransparencyModifier it should show you which one of the camera modules handles this. I believe it’s Invisicam but I could be wrong (just assuming because of the name, and can’t check right now).

thanks a lot, i’ve been looking for this.