Replicated storage help

Hello! I had a question related to the replicated storage. If I put a part in the storage that does something when a remote event is fired, for example a part that tweens its position when the event is fired, would it still run while it’s in the actual storage? More on what I mean, while the part is in the storage, and the event was fired, will it still tween its position? What happens in my game is that I want the part to be cloned into the workspace, and only then I want it to react to the remote event and tween. So my main question is, while the part was un-cloned inside the the rep storage (meaning the original that is supposed to be untouched), will it still tween while it’s in there or will it only start running the event handler after it’s cloned and put in the workspace? Thank you!

it will only tween In the workspace

Thank you! This solved my problem!

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