Replication of parts that are deleted on client

Hello, I want to make a stuff that would be loaded on server, but would show up only on one client.
I use simple code that definse if the model that i need to show up only one client is actually needed to be shown on this client. (like i use localscript that deletes model if value of origin player ~= localplayer).
However, i still need to make many client-server replications on this model, i’ve decided a good idea to make it in localscript with using remoteevents, but it’s complicated to code.
I decided to go easier way if it’s possible - I’d like to use scripts (global (server)) to apply changes to the model. Question is: How does this replicate on other players? Do they get any connection to change values for the not exisiting part? Can not-existing part on client can make fat connection problem?

PS: Please don’t tell me how to make my game, if needed i’ll use localscripts, BUT i want to get answer to exact question i asked for people who knows this stuff

Why can’t you just put the model in ServerStorage, make a ServerScript in ServerScriptService that uses a RemoteEvent to replicate it using RemoteEvent:FireClient()? If I’m misunderstanding please let me know.

Well, the thing is that I’d need to place this part smh on moving object, idk how to place models with all parts in it onto new cords with new angle, this is the problem

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Why can you not just use a localscript?

It’s really much more complicated to script it because there is many events that would be needed and many things are much times more complicated if i do this with using localscripts.
Can all other questions about “why can’t i make it like that way” not be asked anymore please, i have really huge reasons why i’d like straight server script connection instead of many replications and avoid making really complicated logic that might to break once one value would go wrong.