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Hi guys. I know a lot of you probably know about this feature which basically shows you the replies for a topic you viewed. I think this feature should be removed because sometimes I just want to read a community tutorial, building support etc but I’m not interested in reading the replies.

I think you can add a button which is automatically off and what that button does is basically it lets you choose whether you want to see replies to a topic. Or, you could have a setting which turns off all replies for topics but I feel that the first one is better because you can choose what you want to see.

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  • No

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Do you agree?

This is something you would need to request on the discourse meta. However I do have a solution to what I think is your issue.

I think the issue you are referring to is sometimes when you open a topic (I believe when you have already opened it previously) you find yourself mid way through / at the bottom of the replies and if there are hundreds it can be hard / time consuming to reach the actual post.

The solution?

Go to the Url in your browser and you should see something like this:

To get to the topic you just edit the URL to:

If it is available however I just recommend using the scroll bar on the side.


You can ignore the reply’s. I see no need for them to be hidden.

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Hi. Thank you for your suggestion. However, I know about this and this isn’t what I was suggesting. @CAP7A1N got it right. Sorry if my topic was unclear and caused confusion.

Sorry, I just thought ignoring the replies was way to obvious a solution for the topic. Sorry for misinterpreting your issue.

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Just read which one you want to read then, why do you need a feature for this…?

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It’s already in the forums?:

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Then don’t read them? Simple. If you end up halfway scrolled into a topic then that is likely because you read it already and that is where you were left off.

And for building support questions, the answer is in the replies.

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