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I like the idea of being able to give out rewards to customise your avatar now that monthly events are going to be removed. However there is a few major issues that need to be solved that could potentially stop this being a feature:

  • Lets say this does become a feature what will stop people creating lots of clothing to be rewarded. I feel there should be a cap for how many items of clothing a developer can reward, maybe 3-5 items at most. This will help stop your inventory from being flooded with pages of items of clothing.

  • This feature may increase the potential for scam games. When you join one of those games you could get lots of clothing added to your inventory saying, “Free robux if you go to this website”. To counter this there will have to be an approval process of some kind to stop any game from adding these types of clothing as rewards. This could also solve the issue stated above as well. However this could potentially put a huge workload on Roblox.

  • What is stopping developers from giving out clothing as rewards that is against the terms of use. Then stated in the OP, what stops developers from copy clothing from the catalog that costs robux then offering it as a reward for free when entering your game. The solution could be the solution stated above, have an approval process.

Advantages of this feature:

  • Developers will be able to promote their games in more ways. This could increase player counts and profits made from games.

  • Developers will be able to run their own events and offer rewards that players can custimize their avatars with. This could co aside with live ops very well.

  • This will give developers more control over their games.


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