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I do not agree with removing badges fee.

I personally never had issues with purchasing badges, I have spend over 60k robux on badges.

Reasons why not:

  • We are planning to create a massive badge hunt game, if badges are free for everyone its pointless to make such a game since everyone can add x amount of badges for free.
  • If every game can add a lot of free badges, people will get a lot of pointless badges, and it will probably be abused.
  • Scam games will reward you with big amount numbers of badges, with probably all the same picture. What will make your badge inventory looks ugly and takes a lot of time to remove them from it.

Possible solutions:

  • Limit it to 10 free badges each game, from more then 10 you need to start paying the 100 Robux fee.
  • For the featured maybe instead of 4 badges required it has to be 14 if above happend.

With 10 free badges for each game, would be enough to launch your game with some rewarding badges, then you can earn the Robux and choose for 100 Robux each if you want to add more badges to the game.

I think completely removing the fee is not good, but limit it to 10 free badges will be a big improvement.

  • But the 10 free badges can still be abused by scam games or whatever else.

There maybe is a sollution for it also but i think it’s to much effort to even thinking about adding this:

  • So there can be a moderator system that you have to request your game through a web feature if your game is allowed to get 10 free badges.

Thanks for reading my opinion about it. It’s just how i think about it.


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