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I’m in full agreeance with @ITBV. I think the process would be greatly improved by prompting the user as a free redemption. I also don’t see the purpose in running this with attachment to badges in any way.

I’ve wanted the ability to give out items I made (and can sell) since as far back as December 2008. In my mind here’s the ideal process:

  1. A service is invoked to give an item to a player.
  2. The player receives a Roblox core GUI prompt asking if they would like to add the item to their inventory.
  3. An asynchronous event is fired containing the player, item ID, and if it was successfully granted or not.

If this sounds familiar it’s because it’s exactly how selling game passes works except the Roblox prompt is for accepting a free item rather than making a purchase. If I can already sell my items I see no reason I shouldn’t be able to give them items. This allows for all sorts of functionality of rewarding players.

Live-Ops can have prizes like exclusive t-shirts, shirts, and pants that are earned during limited time events rather than sold for limited times only, which is a huge community empowerment tool. It also doesn’t overstep bounds of adding items to players inventories that they don’t want. As is I hate badges because they mean nothing as they are just shoved into my inventory and if I play a couple games there are too many for me to deal with. With an approval decline system like this I just wouldn’t keep playing a game if it kept asking to add something I didn’t want in my inventory.

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