Republic of Alexandria - Facility Guidelines

Universal Regulations

The following rules apply to all players, regardless of team. By starting an event you agree to the terms below.

  • Exploiting, or any other form of game-manipulation is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.
  • Consistently hitting 200ms or higher will result in temporary removal from the match.
  • All packages, aside from mech headless and headless are strictly forbidden.
  • Using camouflage (Making body parts one color to blend in with terrain) is strictly prohibited.
  • Glitching (including frogging) is strictly forbidden and will result in a team respawn.
  • Players or groups on the blacklist are forbidden from playing, and will be removed accordingly.
  • Alexandria Officers have the right to remove anyone they deem necessary with or without evidence against the accused. It is the responsibility of the offensive team to ensure they have substitute players in the event one is removed.

Facility Information

  • Raiders will have a +2 numbers advantage to compensate for spawn differences.
  • Frogging up the mountains is forbidden and players will be met with a kill barrier.
The Citadel
  • Fairzone, minimum player count is an 8v8 up to 15v15
  • This is a domination base, hold more points to win.
  • There is no performance difference between Attacker and Defender weapons.