Request for tutorial, tips for game designing, and a few other topics

Hi everyone! I was recently inspired to construct a relatively advanced game with a few goals in mind:

  • Research topics using real, hard science to expand and greaten your faction/civilization/species/empire.
  • Research by designing modules in a 3D (Possibly viewport frame) viewer in game, and testing if they work. For example, you can add a electro magnet in an array, then a generator. Congrats you made a magnetic barrier.
  • Build and construct roles for your faction/civilization.
  • Capture planets and the largest possible region of space possible to win.
  • Go to planets and set up mining facilities to gain resources.
  • Use resources and build superstructures, megastructures, ships, defenses, offenses, etc.

What I need help with.
All I request is a tutorial for a flight system, turret system, and how to create some sort of 3D builder. I would like a tutorial and not some sort of free model or community resource just to leech off of. I would definitely like some sort of way to learn a lot of this.

I would also like some advice on where to start, keep in mind that I’m not looking for profit, so I would like some advice in a stance of learning and completing the game instead of expanse and profit.

For those that think I shouldn’t jump to this:
I will be ignoring these comments, the only way to learn in development is to push yourself and expand further. Plus, I’m a quick learner.

I deeply apologize for this big ask, and I’m not sure if it’s allowed or even goes in this topic, but I would like to do this game, and I want to do it while I’m still inspired.

P.S. I have the scientific, hard research covered since I am quite knowledgeable of that.

Hi, I recommend for all things scripting related to move this discussion to Scripting Support where there will be people with scripting knowledge that will be more likely to help you there than in discussion.

If I go there, I fear I will be told to move to development discussion considering the fact that this also covers game designing, scripting support, advice, etc.

Don’t worry, just ask about the tutorials and you’ll get some answers. If you have trouble with game design then there is also a separate section called “Game Design Support”, or you can ask here.

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Alrighty, I have just switched it. Thank you.