Requesting Art Feedback!

really cracking down on my semi-realism atm to aid with my commission work, and I’m halfway through this piece of Ranboo and something just seems off?? Idk man, hit me, what should I fix up! Thanks


I think part of your issue is that there’s a lot of negative space to the right. You can either crop the image or fill in that area with something.


The difference in brush size and sharpness around the eyes does produce some noticeable contrast, I feel like everything should, at least feel at the same image quality but because the details is utilizing what appears to be a sharper brush it doesn’t feel organically part of the image.

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  • Adding shading to the blue part(I assume you will do something with this later)

  • As @Endedbox45 said, there is a lot of nothingness in the center. Try to make a background that would look interesting, but wouldn’t drown out the drawing of Ranboo

  • I am not an artist myself, but I think adding a single point of light in would help just a little bit.

The hair already looks really good; as well as the mask. Keep up the good work!

“The line just isn’t cutting it for a background”

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the blue things behind the character are messily drawn and have splotchy areas. plus, there’s a strange line in the white space. try looking at your layers to see which layer it’s on and erase it.

Aside from the suggestions above, it looks amazing so far. I also recommend doing something with the eye, maybe draw a pupil and make the blue darker - navy blue, kinda similar to the hair and skin tone or a grayish-green color.