Requesting help on gun system muzzle flash

Can somebody tell me what I should use for a “Muzzle Flash” on my weapon-system? I tried using decals but they don’t wrap nicely, I also tried explosions but they’re too big, even Particle Emitters. Your help would be much appreciated or if you use one of the methods mentioned above how do I go about setting up that? (I know how to operate the muzzle-flash, I’m just stumped as to what I should use to make it appear nicely). Cheers!

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This really doesn’t belong in Scripting Support but hey I’ll bite
You probably want either a Billboard GUI or a ParticleEmitter

With the GUI, you can decide on an image, then have it appear for a very brief period - set the LightInfluence to 0 so it appears bright in any lighting. Parent it under a part attached to the end of the muzzle, or just set the Adornee to the muzzle-end part.

Same concept with a ParticleEmitter - create one with an extremely short lifetime property (.1 to .1) and decide on the image/color and set the lightemission all the way up, then turn off the Enabled property on it and simply use the Emit method on the ParticleEmitter when you want a muzzle flare