Requesting your feedback on my game Glove Fight

Hey there!

I’m working very hard on my game, Glove Fight, I’m very proud of it. It’s the only project I really invested in. It’s a fangame of the game Slap Battles.

Please be honnest, but stay constructive. I know my game use a lot of free models, but just to let you know, I modify every free model that I add in my game, and I did most of the game by myself. Please do not say “How you call this a game, it’s just full of free models!”, but you can say something like “Your game is great, just try to remove some free models because it makes your game looks low-quality.”.

Anyways there’s the link:

Thank you very much for reading and, I hope, giving feedback, have a great day and happy developing!!


Hey, great job on the game so far! I played it for a bit and what I noticed is that you should add more to the lobby, and the map in general. I believe that you should add a map border (some sort of blocks around the edge of the map.) It will make your game look fuller without having to do much work at all. Also, when using free models, you should try to stay consistent with the overall style of the game otherwise it will look off and rushed. Overall, the game is off to a great start and good luck with your development!

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hi elliot, funny to see you here lol!

quick thought:
Just try to make everything made by you, don’t use free models a lot.

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