Require function does not work on my model

basically, im trying to create a module script that moves every object in the children into a service. i want to test it using the require function. yes, it has “MainModule” set as it’s name.

heres the rbxm file for the mainmodule: brokenmodule.rbxm (2.6 KB)

the code in the mainmodule:

print("WAREBLOX Auto-Updater Loaded!")

local module = {}

return module

and heres the script i used for the require function:


i don’t know how modulescripts work too much, so if any, is there a solution?

You are printing something outside of the module. Try putting it inside the module function.

The numbers, “6924069930”, is probably an asset ID to the module. Problem is that it doesn’t work if the module isn’t public(closed source not allowed, haha).

Normally, the printing would work, even if it was outside the module.

I don’t see any problem with the current module code so far. Why would you move “every object in the children” into a service?

i meant to say i was trying to clone it, instead of manually doing it