[Requires Python][Blender] Copy LocRotScale to Roblox

Looking to hire someone to create a script for Blender that will take the selected object(s) that are currently selected, find all linked duplicated objects of the currently selected objects and copy their Location, Rotation and Scale of the objects, then creates a script that is copied to your computers clipboard that can be posted in studio that will clone objects in studio with the similar name of the originally selected object(s) name(s) and set their location, position and rotation(s) to match that of those in Blender. Also you should make the selection name finder ommit blenders number indexing it does for objects with a similar name while checking for the same object name in Roblox Studio.

Payment: $20

Contact: DMs on here, or BluDragoon#6197 on Discord (and send a link to this thread in your first message so I don’t get you confused w/ an inquire for commissions!)

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