Reserver Server Teleport Not Working

I want to achieve a button I’ve been working on when pressed, reserves a server for the player and teleports them to it.

When I get teleported, I’m being teleported to the same place I started with. (This is a secondary place, not the spawn place inside of the universe/game, teleporting to another non-spawn place)

I have tried looking at other scripts on teleport reserves, and it’s not working. I’m a little stuck now.

Client Script:

	modOr.Modal = false
	uis.MouseIconEnabled = false
	frame:TweenSize(, 0,0.016, 0),"Out","Quart",.3,true) 
	frame.Visible = false
	TPFrame.tpText:TweenSize(, 287,0, 99),"InOut","Quint",.5,true)
	game.ReplicatedStorage.soloTp:FireServer() -- fires to server for reserve TP

Server Script (runs when client activates)

	local placeSolo = game:GetService("TeleportService"):ReserveServer(12309491813) --is the place id supposed to be the id of the place the player gets teleported to?
	game:GetService("TeleportService"):TeleportToPrivateServer(12309491813, placeSolo, { player })

I’ve really been trying to look for solutions and researching teleport service, but it’s not working.
Anything helps.
Thanks, cal