Reset Your Self | A little game I made

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Well if they were to ban you, I’m pretty sure it would be for a few days. Other than that, the game is alright, it’s a funny way to flex you wasted your time in a roblox game loll.

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The game is decent, however I had to rejoin to respawn due to the Respawn GUI not working. However whenever I rejoined it did work. May be a glitch in the scripts, however I don’t know much about that.

I like the game concept but there are few things which are unclear.
Why are those red parts getting higher every time I reset? Why is my death isn’t going up on the leaderboard? Why is there coordination after every death?
Otherwise, the game is perfect and fun to play!

The Game is open sourced !! That means it is a resource!

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You will not be banned for a few pictures. I’m guessing the warnings will basically expire after a while. As long as its not a clear intentional attack to Roblox, which is basically breaking all the Roblox TOS.

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Well the red parts are your “local spawn” and they get higher, because when falling from higher there’ll be more of a splash for your body parts, so you can get a bigger total score. The leaderboards are refreshed only when the server is made. The X Y and Z makeup your total score, the further your body parts go from each other the better the total score, that’s exactly why your “local spawn” goes up (formula for how the total score is calculated: X + Y + Z) (basically how big is your character’s model, when they die)

Yeah it’s not the most consistent of games, because the entire game runs on basically one server script and if it has an error, well everything goes down.