Resize Tool Help

Hey there, so I have made progress in my recent post regarding re-creating studio tools. Through the use of Handles I have successfully made a working move tool. However, I am struggling with making the necessary changes for making a resize tool. The problem is, it resizes correctly (somewhat, or else I wouldn’t be making this) except for on the other 2 axisis it becomes so thin, you could hardly see it. Can someone help me figure out the changes I need to make.

Here’s the code:

local RS = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local Remotes = RS.Remotes
local resize = Remotes.Resize

local increment = 0.5/2
local oldSize =

resize.OnClientEvent:Connect(function(target, set, face, distance)
	if set then
		oldSize = target.Size
		local Dist = math.round(distance/increment)*increment
		target.Size = oldSize*Vector3.FromNormalId(face)*Dist
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target.Size = oldSize + oldSize*Vector3.FromNormalId(face)*Dist
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Thanks, don’t know why I didn’t try that, but thanks and have a great day!

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