ResizeAlign v1.2 - Better selection behavior and improved UI

I’ve updated ResizeAlign with a better face selection behavior that does not require you to move your camera around as much to get the faces you want selected – in particular allowing you to select backfaces without repositioning your camera.

The new selection behavior guesses your intent when clicking near the edges of parts, selecting the adjacent face instead if it thinks it would be more useful to select that one (if you still want exact selection you can change the Selection Behavior setting).

E.g., quickly resizing some road sections together:

In addition I also cleaned up the UI to have icons for clarity, better text rendering and tighter layout, and use modern UI elements (while keeping the classic styling).

EDIT: Another update, adde a rounded join mode:

Please let me know how you like the new behavior and if you run into any bugs (I made a non-trivial number of code changes in this changeset).


Very nice to see this plugin getting an update. However, when I updated the plugin in studio from the plugins menu, I ran into two issues:

  • Issue 1: The plugin would run into an error saying
attempt to index nil with CreateButton (on line 46) 
  • Issue 2: The error above doesnt happen, but the icon itself doesnt appear. No other errors.

This is all temporary within your opened studio window. Opening a new place does not fix this issue, but restarting studio does. After restarting, the plugin works perfectly.

Hi Stravant, fancy seeing you again, wedge support is better as well now, but I still for the life of me cant select this one face, works on the other, round, part types, but why not wedges in this case?
Don’t get why only one side gets this, not fun when you gotta deal with past made builds, or material direction

video link

Yeah, this is an unfortunate consequence of me combining the buttons for my plugins together into one toolbar. Convenient so I still do it, but it isn’t strictly supported by Roblox so some stuff like dynamically reloading plugins on update doesn’t work right when I do that.

I didn’t think that people used ResizeAlign much on WedgeParts so I never put much effort into making it work for them.

I’ll see if I can make an improvement to that too. I can probably improve the behavior it has significantly without much effort, since the current behavior is pretty much just what it happened to do for WedgeParts.

or material direction

Elaborate? Interested if there’s some need there I can fix too.

This is awesome! I’ve been using your plugins since I began building and I’m glad this one’s getting love.

This update is awesome. I sometimes have to move my camera inside parts to access faces. Selection behavior makes this much easier to do. Until the new icons, I legit had no idea what “extend up to” and “extend into” did. Thanks for the clarity!

Something I’ve been wanting for a long time is the ability to resize to a set interpolation (with an alpha) between Outer Touch and Inner Touch. That was a little hard to put into words, so here’s an image:

This would be useful for certain scenarios such as if I need to place an object in between the two faces (like a cylinder). There are probably tons of other use cases that I can’t think of right now.

On that note, another feature that would be a lifesaver is the ability to ResizeAlign with a rounded edge:

One note about MaterialFlip - Please implement a face selector like in ResizeAlign. I also use it for changing the axis of a part and it would be super useful to visualize which face I’m selecting rather than a static SelectionBox. I hope that plugin will get a touch-up too.

Thank you and have a good one :smiley:

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What’s the use case here? Do you ever need something other than 50%? I could literally just add an option that combines both things you’re asking for here, a 50% + join with filler part mode. I hate plugins that make you fiddle around typing in a textbox so I want to avoid that kind of config.

Hmm, how prominent a thing are you thinking? That seems a bit tricker because I imagine that people often care about what the material looks like at the edge of the part where it touches others, so I wouldn’t want to put a display element right around the edge. Maybe something mostly transparent but then it could be hard to see?

Yeah, I see what you mean. Just a filler part mode would be great.

I was thinking that it could be a thin face-only type thing. Something like this?




Yikes, I forgot how bad the current one looks. I guess anything would be an improvement over that :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated again, now supports a rounded join mode. @CriticalDucky please let me know if there’s anything you would tweak with the rounded join mode UX:

Also now supports extruding the angled face of wedges. @Wertyhappy27 let me know what you think of the UX:

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Grade A amazing, thank you so much lol

this is roblox? tysm, By the way, will i be able to make like a spiral connection thing between two parts

Thank you so much for this addition! You’ve just singlehandedly saved tons of time that would have been spent meticulously figuring out where to place a sphere. I’ve played around with this feature for a bit and I have no UX complaints, and the plugin knows whether to use a cylinder or a sphere in the right scenarios.

Behold, two-minute pipes!

I’ve also taken a look at support for WedgeParts. The actual resizing works perfectly, however, I found that selecting the slanted wedge face is a little funky. At some parts of the face, it selects an entirely different face rather than the one it’s supposed to be selecting. That’s normal for selection behavior thresholds of 15% and 25% but for Exact Target that shouldn’t be happening. Here’s a clip:

Updated the MaterialFlip plugin to just use the new Highlight Instance to outline the whole part. I tried some stuff out but outlining the whole part just feels clearer than trying to do something to highlight the specific face you’re over, since it’s reasonably obvious whether you’re hovering the right face anyways as far as I can tell.

I actually did another pass trying to remove this error, and lo and behold I figured out a way to make it so you can reload all the GeomTools plugins without ever seeing an error. You’ll still see one more error the next time you update them because the system I built to fix it didn’t exist in the prior version (I tried :upside_down_face:), but after that there should never be any more.