Respawnlocation working wrongly when :LoadCharacter is used

For some reason, when I use :LoadCharacter() the spawnlocation picked is a disabled one, but just the first time? every time after that works ok.

There’s not a whole not to go off of here, what do you think might be causing the issue?

Well i have this video

the spawnlocations are set server side.

Is there any waiting before the scripts run?
If so, this could be your issue despite the spawnlocation being disabled.

Why would a wait mess up the spawns? they are set way before the character is reloaded?
also this only happens once per time i run the game.

The spawns may not be preconfigured through studio, meaning that if you’re relying on scripts to change things, if there’s any substantial wait or delay functions in those scripts then it could cause the spawnlocations to not function momentarily.

I doubt this to be the case, but the video isn’t loading, and text-wise there isn’t much to go off of.

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ok, from the video it seems that the player does spawn but gets teleported to the wrong spawn for no reason.

They spawn but get teleported to another spawnpoint?

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Oop found out it was a script not working at the right time.

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