Restaurant Tycoon | Summer Update (July 1st, 2018) ☀️


Hey, everyone! Restaurant Tycoon has received an amazing new update to kick off this year’s summer! Make sure you play as soon as possible; we’d hate for you to miss out on the new exclusive, limited items! We (@Ultraw, @DerpyMcDerpell, and @Zynkuru) all hope you enjoy it! What have we brought to you?

Diversify Your Menu :man_cook:

  • Australian food :australia:
  • South American food (will possibly be split up different countries later) :shallow_pan_of_food:

Make Your Restaurant Look (and Sound) Even Better :camera_flash:

  • Tons of cool summer-exclusive items to choose from :sun_with_face:
  • Sun lights (lamp and wall decor) :fire:
  • Added a new cushioned summer seat that’s great for the outdoors :beach_umbrella:
  • Two differently shaped honeycomb shelves to welcome the sweet scent of honey :bee:
  • Added a picnic table as an excuse to eat fancy food in the sun :tropical_drink:
  • Striped and plain beach chairs to really emphasize summer is here :sunflower:
  • Classical music radios are here to stay forever to give restaurants an amazing atmosphere (or maybe you’re like me and you just like classical music) :musical_note:
  • Added drive-thru order signs :oncoming_automobile:
  • Started replacing things with the glass material (because details matter) :mag:

Snazzy New GUIs :exploding_head:

  • A whole new style has taken over your bottom bar, vibrant and bubbly :art:
  • Text against white backgrounds have been recoloured for a fresher, more modern look
  • Text against black backgrounds have been recoloured as well
  • Say hello to new icons for many images :framed_picture:
  • The build menu has been given a new look :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Grammatical errors and typos have been removed in many GUIs :nerd_face:
  • The Internet looks a bit better :globe_with_meridians:
  • Tweening makes GUIs look even cooler, you know :dark_sunglasses:
  • The seventh button is a help guide that basically does nothing yet :question:

Improved Scenery :deciduous_tree:

  • New grass brings a bit more colour to give a summer feel but doesn’t take away from the rest of the map :seedling:
  • The store’s top floor has glass in it for the premium radio area :radio:
  • The water at the beach has been made into smooth terrain :ocean:
  • A little Easter egg has been not-so-hidden in EKEA :egg:
  • The trees near the beach have been given materials (which may upset WoodReviewer because the wood grain could not be fixed) :evergreen_tree:
  • A few unnecessary parts were removed :pick:
  • The boarded path has been improved slightly (i.e. colour and shape) :palm_tree:
  • Many windows and glass objects were made to be actual glass :eyeglasses:

Even Better Customers :plate_with_cutlery:

  • Customer dialogue has been diversified so that you’ll see less of the same thing :speech_balloon:
  • Reviews have been improved :balance_scale:
  • Customers no longer eat in sync (because they are not robots :robot:)
  • More customer looks chosen from people who play our game :wave:
  • Be less unsatisfied with full, eight-customer tables :eight:

Better Game Performance, Better Restaurant Performance :woman_cartwheeling:

  • A re-coded game means reduced lag :walking_woman: :arrow_right: :running_man:
  • Play on lower-end devices or play with friends with them :iphone:
  • May allow for multiple floors in the future :thinking:


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