Retention Rewards Info?

Looking for information about Retention Rewards
RDC 2019

Hi there! Thank you for reading this!

As you might know, Roblox talked about a system they’re working on which will allow them to pay developers based on the time players play our games. This is so games that focus more on immersion and gameplay rather than actual monetization are more practical.

My current project’s design is one of these games. A game that is more focused on immersion, retention, and player interaction than actual monetization.

I was wondering if anyone has any new information on this that they could share.

My Current Game Monetization Design:

My game has lots and lots of customization, from size, to hairs, to shirts, to pants, to coloring clothes via RGB, and so on.

My game also has permadeath mechanics, my current idea is that you can buy dev products like “pick a custom hat!” where you can post in a mesh and whatnot and customize that hat how you please for a very low amount of robux, say two robux for one, 100 hats for 150 robux, and so on. However, when you are permadeath’d you lose that hat and can buy a new one.

Feel free to let me know how you feel about this system also!

My Game Monetization Design With Retention Rewards:

If we’re given a good rate for retention rewards, I may cancel all monetization altogether to preserve trust with my community. For my community to know that there will not be microtransactions in this immersive roleplaying game. Because trust in the producer from the consumer, I believe is worth more in the long-term than any amount of robux in the short-term.

What I know currently:

Please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this.

  • It will be based on the amount of time players spend playing your game
  • Roblox’s goal for the amount of money made from Retention Rewards on the top 1,000 games (based on time spent) is 30,000$ USD Annually.
  • Will reward the top 20 developers in exactly the same way.
  • It is planned to start in 6-12 months.

What I am concerned about:

Absolutely any information on this would be gratefully appreciated, but here’s some specific concerns I have.

  • Will all developers benefit from this? Or will it be like the Star’s Program or Incubator in which you have to register and be approved manually?
  • Will this be done at a fixed rate? For example, will 1,000 hours of gameplay be equal to ten robux?
  • If we’re paid at a rate, what will the rate be?
  • He keeps saying in a “systematic way” what does that mean?

Thank you for reading and please reply with any and all details you might have! Thank you again!

Looking awfully nervous there David Baszucki…You being nervous makes me very nervous.


I just want to clarify, I’m fine either way, I’m looking for unbiased answers. If retention rewards are an option for me and allow me to remove microtransactions, great!

If not, that’s fine too. I’m just trying to determine if I should use microtransactions or not and knowing more about the Retention Rewards system early on will help me a lot in making this decision. I will post a graphic below to show a comedic representation of what I am trying to find out.

If this is not okay to do please tell me and I will remove this picture or you can remove it too.


Great news, we got a major answer!!!

I have gotten the opportunity to speak with @PeteyK473 on the subject, we talked only briefly about it but he told me that he talked to someone, and I hope you guys are hyped because…


Not only that but


This is the most important part in my opinion, knowing that we as developers will have the opportunity to use this.

If anyone has anymore information, please let us know!

And thank you to everyone who left a like!


Maybe with retention rewards, we’ll have more F2P games and developers getting paid for simply giving players an unfiltered, great experience!


It’s as if the dreams of immersion based developers depend on the future of this feature! I’m both excited, and nervous. It just sounds too amazing to be true!